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Since the inception of Great Rivers Educational Service Cooperative in July of 1985, many services and identified needs of the member schools have become a reality.  Some have been modified or changed as needed.


   In order to insure a structure which includes accountability and direct services to the member schools, the Board of Directors hired a Director and an Assistant Director in charge of Staff Development and the Teacher Center.  These two people either directly or indirectly are responsible for the activities and management of the Educational Cooperative.


   The Superintendents of each of the member schools comprise the Board of Directors.  The eleven member Board of Directors sits as a full governing board.  This Board usually meets the fourth Thursday of the month to conduct the overall policy making and management business of the Cooperative.


   The stated goals of the Central Administrative Service are as follows:

   1.    To coordinate effective staff development opportunities for teachers,       support staff and administrators.


   2.   To provide services designed to assist members in saving time and          money in the administration of the schools’ programs.


   3.    To maintain sensitivity to the disparity of needs among member       districts in providing services, activities and programs.


   More specific objectives are outlines in the Cooperative Policy Manual adopted by the Board of Directors in addition to those objectives derived from the annual needs assessment and surveys.


   Particular areas of emphasis addressed by the Educational Cooperative’s Administrative structure include the following:


   A.   Overall fiscal management;


   B.   Specific activities that enhance the relationship between the             Cooperative staff and the Arkansas Department of Education such as          disseminating information, scheduling facilities and providing             workshops;


   C.   Secure additional funds to provide necessary and identified needs;


   D.   Provide liaison with post-secondary educational institutions;


   E.   Employ personnel as an equal opportunity employer without regard to       race, color, creed, sex, national origin, handicap or age.


1.   Student Achievement and Teacher Effectiveness:

   The overall objective of the Cooperative was to increase student achievement    via improvement of teacher effectiveness.  Targeted areas where heavy    emphasis was placed included math and literacy.  While the credit for these    staff development opportunities belongs to the districts, teachers and    students, it is believed that the Cooperative also played a large role in the    endeavors.


2.   School Leadership and Organization:

   School leadership and organization have been impacted through several    means sponsored by the Cooperative.  The impact has been achieved    primarily through staff development for administrators and dissemination of    information via the Arkansas Department of Education.


3.   Parent/Community Support:

   The Education Cooperative in the past has conducted in-service training    presentations for parents and community leaders.  Additionally, the    administrative services has provided support to the local school districts in    their volunteer programs.  The Cooperative provided in-service for the    member schools and parent facilitators regarding parental involvement.


4.   Educational Equity:

   Educational equity is a state priority that has been recognized by the Great    Rivers Educational Cooperative since its inception.  Not only does the    Cooperative recognize that educational equity entails minority participation,    but different levels of socioeconomic participation, also.


   Policies and procedures are periodically reviewed to assure full access and    opportunity in hiring practices and full participation.


   Great Rivers Educational Cooperative provides administrative services to its    member schools.  While many of these services are part of the daily operation    of the Cooperative, several have become full-scale programs and are as    follows:


1.   HIGHER EDUCARION AFFILIATION:  The Cooperative has maintained a    close liaison with institutions of higher learning and has jointly offered    courses in Educational Administration.


2.   INFORMATION SHARING:  Recognizing a need to keep superintendents    abreast of information, GREC set up a memorandum referral file.  All ADE    Director’s memos are indexed and stamped for reference as needed.     Likewise, information that the Cooperative receives concerning school and    educational programs is filed for future reference.

Administrative Services